Friday, June 06, 2008


Sup Sam?.... I know you are going to be reading this in the next couple of hours or so... Here's a little personal Howdy Do?... See you in a bit man!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


So for those of you who read my blog you know by now that school has been a struggle of mine for about a year now... I failed English 11 two times in high school therefor not graduating... I have been working on getting this shit done for like a year now and finally I got it done.... All is done except for receiving my diploma which should be in the mail... So now I have no on going thing to write about... School is done finally... I don't have much else to post except that two brothers and a sister of mine are coming home next month... I love these guys dearly and miss them every day... I don't say it enough but I freakin love these guys... anywho later guys....

Friday, April 25, 2008


So I haven't posted in ages and I have been taking some flack for it so I decided to write something for all of you to read. Update on school: I'm almost done. So close in fact that I can actually taste that diploma. Finally right? Also work is going very well. I am in Nashville right now and I love this city. It seems that every time I go visit one of my friends in the city, I love that city. I don't know if it is the city or the fact that my friends are there. It's hard to say. But Nashville is great and there are really bad drivers here. I'm under the understanding that the license getting process here involves standing in line and getting your license. No driver's ed or test taking for these people. Horrible idea. They have no concept of turn signals and what they might even be used for. I am writing this post because a friend of mine asked me to write something for him to read. I told him I was going to use his name but he asked me not too. So I won't use his name but this friend of mine who happens to live in Cuba knows who he is. So here you go brother in Cuba. Read up. Drink it in. Soak it up. That's all the phrases I can come up with for enjoy. There isn't much here but I posted and can I add "better late than never", seeing as how this request was made weeks ago. Right now Brian is at class and I am waiting for him to get out so we can go get Hope and grab some lunch. I am thinking about going and getting some coffee from across the street at Bongo Java. Tasty stuff. Ok well I'm done writing now so all of you who read this take it easy and I love you all... 

Friday, January 25, 2008


So this is not important in any way... I just wanted to share something that I thought was hilarious... Last night a friend of mine and I spent the night at some friends' house... They told us that when they got home for lunch, we better have some food for them... well about 11 roles around and we wonder what to go get for lunch... We come up with a brilliant plan... we decide to have a toast buffet... we toasted a whole loaf of bread and put it nicely on a plate and set the table real nice.... we put out some different toast toppings also... I found some snacks and made a snack... medley of sorts... we put out a bowl of sweet pickles, a bowl of gobstoppers, and a multi-vitamin at every place... They got home and I thought for sure they were gonna flip... but they actually sat down and ate from the toast tower... rediculous... I must have laughed for about 5 minutes straight... Anyways this post was totally dumb but i wanted to share this amazing story with everyone... Later guys... and gals...

Thursday, January 24, 2008


So last night I got back from my Dad's house. I had a lot of fun there. Usually when I go, either my brother or sister or both come along. This time it was relaxing just to hang out with my Dad and Steph. So I think that once I graduate, I would like to do this more often. This post isn't about anything special. Last night Laura texted me and told me to be in at work by 9. Then my Mom calls me last night and asks me to take my brother to work at 8 this morning. So either I had to get up an hour early just to drive down town or my mom had to come into town to take him. So I got up and took him and thought I'd throw up a quick post before work. But I am going to take a shower now. Also, I am on a laptop and I cannot stand it. When I type on it, every time I barely bump the mouse pad area where mouses are on laptops, it moves the curser to a different point on the page. I can't help bumping it. It did it twice just during that last sentence. Whatever.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

School Update

I know I haven't put much up about school lately... I have ben working on it non-stop for the past 2 days... I have gotten through 15 out of 40 lessons and still plowin through... I'll let you guys know when i get done with my 3rd class and then I'll move on the my 4th and final class... Yes!!! Almost done... Later!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

So it's been like nine years since i have posted. I just wanted to put up something new for everyone to read. Not too much has happened since last time i posted. Not!!!. Wow where to begin? All of my friends came home for Christmas. It was awesome. I spent as much time with them as i possibly could. Also Andrew, Evan, Kyle, Sam and I went on a sweet backpacking trip in Oil Creek State Park in good ol' Pennsylvania. It was amazing. There was about 16 inches of snow on the ground and it got down to around 0 degrees both nights we were out there. Cold!!! I was astonished when we got back to the cars at how easy it is to get warm in society these days. It really made me realise how much i take for granted. The second day we were there we did a 5 mile hike from the first site to the next with our packs. It was exhausting but i am so glad i did it. Also right now i am visiting my Dad in Columbus. It has been cool. I have never been here just by myself so it has been cool and very relaxing. Today i am at my dads office trying to get some school done and i got half a unit done so i decided to check my blog role and write something new. Anyways the past month has been awesome but now everyone is gone back home and it is just Sam Laura and I again. But i love spending time with those guys so its not bad. But i do miss all my other friends. Anyways I'm gonna work on some more school. so later folks. Also i am listening to a metal band right now called As I Lay Dying and if you love metal then you should check em out too... Awesome